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easy Sports-Organizer

Modern Training Planning

No matter the sport, create individual exercises, complete training plans, or organize the entire season, all in one program!

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Effectively Advance Teams!

With the easy Sports-Organizer, create exercises, training sessions, and complete season planning in just a few steps!

No Paper Mess

Create exercises, training sessions, or the season plan – and thanks to the integrated search function, you can find everything effortlessly again.

Suitable for Every Sport

Whether it's football, handball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, or ice hockey, the easy Sports-Organizer is suitable for every sport.

Save Time

Training planning within minutes. Exercises can be combined into training sessions, training sessions into the season plan!

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Create, Add, and Manage Exercises

Thanks to the easy operation, you can create and edit new exercises without a long learning curve. The integrated search helps with easy rediscovery.

  • Easily create exercises with a few clicks
  • Supports adding images and videos to each exercise
  • Integrated search function, allows quick finding of an exercise or training session!

Create Training Sessions

Combine exercises and easily create complete training sessions

  • Exercises can be combined into training sessions
  • New exercises can be added to a session at any time
  • A whole training session can be printed with one click

Perfect for Season Planning

Plan your season with the integrated season planning. Whether it's a training session, event, or game, you always have an overview

  • Easy addition of events
  • Mark events, games, and training with different colors for easy recognition
  • Directly printable with one click

Digital Exercise Collections

For the Organizer, there is a constantly growing selection of digital exercise collections for various training focuses.

Utilize the Knowledge of Experienced Coaches and Speakers!

Whether from Norbert Elgert, Peter Hyballa, or Horst Wein, there are over 30 exercise collections with which you can expand the Organizer.

  • Each exercise collection contains detailed descriptions, coaching points, and graphics.
  • Installable with a few clicks and directly usable for your own training.
  • Each exercise can be adapted to your own needs.
View Drill Collections

All the Features You Need!

The easy Sports-Organizer contains all the features you need for modern training planning and is constantly expanded with updates!

Suitable for Every Sport

No matter which sport you want to use the Organizer for, the program is perfect for training planning!

Extremely Easy to Use

The easy Sports-Organizer does not require a long learning curve, you can start with your training planning right away!

Complete Season Planning

Plan months or the entire season, with the easy Sports-Organizer, no problem!

Perfect Print Export

Created exercises, training sessions, or season plans can be printed with one click.

Exercise Collections

For football, we have created over 30 exercise collections with well-known coaches, which can be easily imported into the Organizer!

Practical Design

In the new design, you can always easily see the latest exercises, training sessions, and upcoming appointments, so you never lose track!

Customer Feedback

Whether professional or amateur club, association, or individual, our programs are used worldwide in over 40 countries!

We are very satisfied with your programs! Our technical department uses easy Sports-Software to optimize the training of our teams, with excellent results!Jose A.Real Betis Sevilla - 1st League Spain
It is easy to handle and yet always brings amazing insights for coaches and players. It is very good and easy to use for drawing, also very advantageous in the area of communication. In short, actually a must for every coach.Jürgen E.TSG1899 Hoffenheim
I use easy Sports-Graphics to prepare goalkeeper training. The graphical representation allows me to visually present the exercises to other coaches. It helps to convey the focal points.Fred Z.BSC Young Boys (1st Division Switzerland)
Fantastic and easy-to-use software, I use it every day to prepare my training sessions and exercises!Francisco L.Cádiz CF - 1st League Spain
easy Sports-Software is very easy to use and can be printed out in a way that it can also be helpful on the field. I have been working with this program for years and would not want to miss it. Bravo, keep it up!René W.FC St. Gallen - Youth Department
I am very satisfied with easy Sports-Software! The simplicity and flexibility allow me and my team to continually create new ways to help the team!Inka GringsFormer National Player, European Champion